I'm Sam Cannell... proud mama, wife and freedom seeker who is passionate about inspiring families to create a healthier and happier life. I'm a Wellness Advocate + Diamond Leader with doTERRA Essential Oils, Founder of Essential Collective Co® & Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.I started my journey with doTERRA Essential Oils in January 2015 to improve my family's well-being and reduce our exposure to toxins. Essential Collective Co® is now a global community of over 2,000 essential oil lovers... welcome to the high-vibe wellness lifestyle!

Sam Cannell, doTERRA Essential Oils Diamond Leader & Founder of Essential Collective Co

Why Essential Oils?

Imagine having a toolkit at your fingertips to support you with the emotional and physical challenges that you face every day. 

Essential oils are the natural aromatic compounds extracted from plants during a distillation process. They can be found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants and they are nature's defence mechanism for plants and their cells. Essential oils have been used by many cultures throughout history for their wellness benefits... these powerful oils can quite literally change your life.

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