Oil of the Month Club
We know that you are loving your oils, which makes us so happy!
This is why you've been invited to join us for our VIP Oil of the Month Club... because the only thing better than essential oils, is FREE essential oils!

How can you participate?

  • Let the person who invited you know that you're going to join in the fun.
  • Set up your doTERRA Loyalty Rewards order for a minimum of 125PV for September, October & November.

What will you receive?

Each month (when you place your LRP order before the 15th of the month) you'll receive a FREE oil from doTERRA. We are also going to send you a bonus FREE oil which means you could receive up to 6 FREE oils over the next 3 months!

When you complete the three months you'll go into the draw to win some epic prizes including an essential oil box, diffusers, essential oil jewellery and oil accessories from our favourite suppliers.

Oil of the Month Club