There is currently a unique opportunity to join the Essential Collective in a Leadership Position with an existing team. This means that you'll start earning commissions straight away! As this is a special opportunity for the right person we will be interviewing for this position.

Are you a passionate self-starter ready to:
- Ready to transform their lives
- Committed to sharing natural solutions and wellness
- Willing to commit to sharing and building a business
- Open to being mentored & commit to on-going training, learning and growth
- Willing to self-reflect and push through boundaries


If you’re ready to make big, lasting changes to the state of your physical and financial health, then you’re ready to start your own essential oils business!

Partnering with doTERRA (the world's most amazing essential oil company) has seriously been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, so I’m beyond excited you’re here and I can’t wait to share this journey with you.

Being a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA is truly life changing; it can absolutely transform both your physical and financial health. Joining my team will give you everything you need to gain financial freedom, while developing a business that you can feel passionate about.

Could This Collaborative Business Opportunity Be For You?

Are you interested in finding out how you can receive wholesale pricing and start building a business you love?

Are you passionate about health and wellness?

I can show you how to get started with your wholesale account so you can receive:

  • A saving of 25-55% off your own orders,
  • Free products every month,
  • Free shipping on every order, and
  • THE BEST education, support and access to team resources.

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

All leaders are NOT created equal. Make sure you’re enrolling with the right person and team that can support YOUR dreams and goals.

How Does it Work?

  • You can earn an extra $200, $1,000, $5,000 or $10,000+ each month.
  • You’ll receive access to full training and support in our amazing forums.
  • I’ll personally teach you how to run your own classes and share these amazing oils so you will be able to grow your business quickly.
  • By joining my team you will receive access to tons of exclusive bonuses and training.
  • I’ll place people on your team to help you increase your earning potential.
  • Earn unlimited commissions simply by referring your friends, family and prospects.

Why Essential Oils?

Our essential oils represent the safest and most beneficial oils available today.

Not only is our product naturally safe and purely effective – it’s a global company and trusted brand that practically sells itself.

Here are a few more good reasons to become a Wellness Advocate:

  • Save 25% on all of your own orders.
  • Receive up to 30% back in product credits each month (if you spend $100, you’ll earn $30 towards your next order).
  • You will have access to a wonderfully supportive team and community that want you to be successful.
  • Get incredible ongoing business support so you can create a thriving business that you love.

What is the Earning Potential?

I can tell you first hand that setting up your own essential oils business is not hard and it will offer you incredible income opportunities. All you need to do is show up, put in the time and effort to grow your business, and the sky’s the limit.

Here is a guide to the different Ranks in doTERRA, the Average Earnings and Timeframes... everybody is different, some people achieve these much faster and some take longer.

 *Source:  doTERRA 2015 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary

*Source:  doTERRA 2015 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary

*OV refers to the Overall Volume through your organisation each month.


Monthly PV 100 | Monthly OV 2000



Monthly PV 100 | Monthly OV 3000



Monthly PV 100 | Monthly OV 5000

2 personally enrolled Executive legs


Monthly PV 100

3 personally enrolled Elite legs


Monthly PV 100

3 personally enrolled Premier legs


Monthly PV 100

3 personally enrolled Silver legs


Monthly PV 100

4 personally enrolled Silver legs

Blue Diamond

Monthly PV 100

5 Gold

Presidential Diamond

Monthly PV 100


Your Essential Oils Business Will Grow If You Are:

  • Self motivated
  • Willing to build your own team
  • Ready to start with an enrolment kit
  • Willing to order $150+ of products each month so that you can earn commissions and receive business building benefits
  • Devoting time and energy to your business each week

If you’re interested in earning and creating an extra income that’s in alignment with your core principles about health, wellbeing and holistic living, then this is an opportunity for you!

There’s no catch. Seriously. I simply teach you how to get the same deal I get, earn free oils every month and make an awesome income in a career you love.

You can start by filling out the form below so we can discuss whether this is the right path for you.

(Please note this offer is only available for prospective business partners. If you already have a wholesale account please contact your up-line for support.)

Loyalty Rewards Program

Once you’ve signed up for a wholesale account you’ll definitely want to look at this because it’s going to save you a LOT of money. This program literally gives you FREE products and you can earn credit every month. Interested? I’ll give you more information on this later.


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