Frequently Asked Questions


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When using pure essential oils we must respect their potency and take proper precautions, particularly around young children.

+ Do I have to use a carrier oil?

We always recommend the use of a carrier oil for topical use. Remember that you aren't diluting the benefits of the essential oil and a little bit goes a long way. Using a carrier oil lessens the chance of skin sensitivity, increases the surface area of application and avoids wasting your precious essential oils.

+ Can I use essential oils in pregnancy?

Yes, essential oils can provide beautiful support during pregnancy, but please consult with your midwife or obstetrician so they are aware of your use of essential oils during pregnancy. The skin is more sensitive during pregnancy; dilution is therefore always recommended.

Some oils should be avoided during pregnancy including Clary Sage and Myrrh (including blends containing these oils). These oils can cause uterine contractions so they are best saved for the actual labour.

+ Where should I avoid using essential oils?

Avoid putting essential oils in your eyes and inside your ears.

+ What if I get them in my eyes?

Only use a carrier oil to help 'wash' the oil out of your eye. Avoid water because this makes it worse! Your vision may suffer with some blurriness as a result of the carrier oil but it will return to normal before too long.

+ Essential Oils and Sunlight

Certain oils can react with sunlight when applied to the skin and then exposed to direct UV rays. Oils that are considered phototoxic are: lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, lime, cumin, and any blends containing these oils. These oils should always be well diluted or applied to an area that is not exposed to the sun. Alternatively, you should wait 24 hours before going out into the sun.