Why Essential Oils, Why Now?

Find out why essential oils have become a focus of my wellness message.

In January 2015 I reached out to a friend who had recently joined an essential oils company – little did I know that this would spark an incredible personal journey for me. I wanted to know about the oils and how she was finding using them. I was also curious about the business opportunity around essential oils... I mean, was it a 'real' business?

I knew that I should diversify and incorporate a product into my online business, but the truth is I'm incredibly fussy about what products I stand behind. I had tried network marketing with supplements when I first launched my health coaching business... and it made my skin crawl. The products weren't agreeing with me, the pressure to sell a business opportunity was intense, and it just felt inauthentic to me. Needless to say, I wasn't any good at it and I decided to walk away.

I have always been passionate about empowering women to cut out the chemicals in their lives, whether it be in food, cosmetics or cleaning products. The impact of these products can have a devastating effect on our hormones and this is a message that needs to be spread far and wide.

When I reached out to my friend I mainly wanted to buy some essential oils for my family. I had been dabbling with them for years and I knew that she was using the purest oils in the world, so I decided to buy a kit – but not without doing some research first.

The more I explored the oils and how they are sourced, the more I realised that this was the product I had been looking to share with my wellness community. Natural, safe, ethical and effective – it was a match made in heaven!

I signed up with a huge kit... and had buyers regret the next day. I thought 'what have I done, I can't sell essential oils!' and then decided that even if the business wasn't for me I'd at least have a really good supply of essential oils. At that point I did not understand how people could possibly order essential oils every single month – I mean, really, what kind of crazy people could use essential oils multiple times on a daily basis? (Oh wait, that's me now!)

Once my kit arrived, I was hooked. I pulled out the Joyful Blend to set up the diffuser and my journey into the essential oil lifestyle (yes, it is a lifestyle!) began. I started to buy books, rollerballs and accessories, and before too long my kids knew which oils did what and were asking me to make them rollerballs to take to school. We had been living a pretty low-tox lifestyle at home anyway, but having these essential oils in our lives took that to the next level. Pinterest was suddenly my best friend and I was soon excitedly making toilet bombs, laundry detergent and sugar scrubs. Who gets excited about trying out a new toilet cleaner? Ha, well, that was me...

Soon enough I was telling anyone who would listen about how incredible these oils were and my essential oils business quickly grew. But, after a few months something changed. A number of compliance changes came in impacting what you could share online and I froze because my whole business had been built online. To be honest, I felt deflated and decided to focus on my online programme, The Fabulous Woman Project. I was still using the oils constantly and sharing them privately, but for about six months I was a little lost about how I could integrate essential oils into my online wellness business.

In February 2016 I went to an essential oil company's annual convention on the Gold Coast to see what all the fuss was about.

That changed everything.

When I had an inside look at the culture, the company and the products I realised I couldn't dim this light any longer. How could I help thousands of women get rid of the hormone disrupting chemicals in their lives if I kept this a secret? I already had the online platform, but I didn't know how to share this with my audience in a heart-felt, authentic way.

I started to share more about the oils on social media and made plans to overhaul this website for 'Essential Collective Co'. I bought this domain quite a while ago and did nothing with it because it felt too difficult to maintain two websites and online brands. Over time, my essential oils business began gaining momentum and I realised that yes, this totally is a 'real business'! In fact, it's changing lives on a daily basis. 

I absolutely adore sharing the oils and empowering women to take charge of their health, but working together with other like-minded women is what has me jumping out of bed in the mornings. I have big goals for this essential oils business, so watch this space! The big dream is to take my family on a 'little roadtrip' around Australia in a caravan to share the message of vibrant health. 

As I put the finishing touches on this website to make it fit for my personal brand, it wasn't feeling quite right. I realised that the 'Essential Collective' would be my new online home and my personal domain will soon be forwarded here... the 'Essential Collective Co' is about people coming together. It's about women rising up to be healthier and happier. 

And I'm so grateful that you are here with me.

Sam x