7 Reasons To Try Essential Oils

7 Reasons to Try Essential Oils

Have you noticed that recently there have been a lot more people talking about essential oils? Now, if you haven't been exposed to pure essential oils before (or if it's been years since you sniffed granny's lavender when you were a kid), you might be wondering why these little bottles are attracting so much interest. I totally understand that you might be curious as to what the fuss is all about... so I'm here to share seven reasons why you should try essential oils.

First, what are essential oils?

Essential oils are the pure extracts from plants. What makes essential oils so amazing is that they are actually nature's defence mechanism for plants and their cells. Plants produce essential oils to fight off threats – and when we support our bodies with pure essential oils we can see similar benefits.

Using essential oils isn't a new age fad or trend either – they have been used throughout history for their health benefits. Thankfully, we are rediscovering the potent power of essential oils at a time when the Western world is in the midst of a health crisis.

Essential oils are also highly concentrated, so this means that we need to respect and use them with care (especially around little people)! Did you know that 1 drop of pure peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea? Incredible, right?

7 Reasons To Try Essential Oils

So, here are 7 reasons why you need to try essential oils:

1. You want to be proactive with your well-being.

I believe we are all on our own journey – it took me 36 years of life to wake up and realise that I needed to be the person in control of my health. Everything from food, exercise, self-care, managing stress... it all comes down to you. Rather than reacting to your health issues, there has never been a better time than the present to empower yourself with knowledge. Essential oils are now my secret weapon for proactive health for my entire family. This doesn't mean we don't need modern medicine from time to time, but in most situations the oils are our first port of call.

2. You're ready to take the plunge with low-tox living.

If you've started reading the labels on your skincare and cleaning products there's a fair chance you might be a little concerned. If not, you should be! This is one of the main reasons why I decided to dive into the essential oils lifestyle 18 months ago... even 'green' and 'natural' products still had dodgy ingredients that could disrupt my hormones and cause other significant health issues. (Take a moment to Google 'greenwashing' if you'd like to know more about this clever marketing tactic – eek!)

So, if you are ready to throw those products in the bin, where do you start with finding a natural alternative? Essential oils are the answer. If you can shake a bottle then you can make your own cleaning products using essential oils – it really is that simple! Beauty products are just as easy to make and there are so many amazing recipes to suit every skin type. My own daily moisturiser is fractionated coconut oil with Frankincense and Lavender essential oils – easy peasy!

3. You want to save money.

When you first look at the cost of a bottle of essential oil it might seem expensive. But it's important to remember that when you use pure essential oils you only need 1-2 drops per application. A 15ml bottle of essential oil contains approximately 250 drops! A little bit goes a long way, and even when you are using them frequently you'll find that you are saving money on other products. The other way you can save money is to purchase the oils at wholesale prices like I do and save 25% off retail prices.

4. A higher level of self-care is calling your name.

If you've been following my blog for a while you know that I'm a huge advocate for women embracing self-care. But, I also understand that this can be incredibly challenging for the modern day woman. Essential oils are a brilliant addition to your self-care toolkit.

Here are some of my favourite ways to use essential oils for self-care:

  • Grab yourself a diffuser and a few drops of uplifting essential oils and watch your mood lift.
  • Ditch the toxic perfumes and embrace aromatic dressing with essential oils as part of your morning routine for a daily dose of self-love.
  • Add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil to your bath at night to help you unwind at the end of a stressful day.

5. Your emotions need support.

If you have emotions (i.e. you're human) then you will benefit from using essential oils aromatically.

Essential oils don't just smell good, they can make us feel good!

The nasal cavity has a direct link to the limbic system of the brain and this is how essential oils have the power to affect your mood.

6. Essential oils aren't addictive.

One of the fabulous benefits of essential oils is that they aren't addictive or known to have any unwanted side effects when used correctly. (I do always joke in my essential oils classes that my husband probably doesn't support this claim because I am indeed a little addicted to living the essential oils lifestyle and growing my collection each month!)

7. You don't have to become a hippie (unless you want to)!

If you're worried that embracing plant-based medicine might raise a few eyebrows from those around you, I want to assure you that becoming empowered with essential oils doesn't mean you'll become a hippie and move to the mountains. Essential oils are suitable for everyone, from all walks of life, and their benefits don't discriminate. Whether you are a high-flying executive in the corporate world or a full-time mama click here to find out how you can get started with essential oils – I promise you'll love them as much as I do!