Welcome to Biz Camp!

We are so excited for you to be joining us - whether you've identified yourself as a Sharer or a Builder this is the perfect place to get started.

Biz Camp was created by Tara Bliss (our Presidential Diamond up-line) to help you launch your business in 4 weeks.

Investing the time in completing this training is crucial for the successful launch of your business and we are here to support you as you work through each module.

To view the Biz Camp videos please click on the square image and download the accompanying workbooks via the button below the image.


Workshop Masterclass

(Please note that we all have different teaching styles and meditation is just one way that a class can begin. The beauty of this business is that people from all walks of life can achieve success and you will soon find your own flow with classes!)

Week 1 - Preparation


00:01 Welcome, gratitude
02:13 BizCamp Starts
03:46 Overview
07:06 What is your driving WHY?
09:18 WHY Visualisation & activity
18:57 Your WHY & your GOALS working together
25:41 Short & long term goals + Impact Goal
29:25 Manifestation Statement template
30:48 Aromatic anchoring
32:59 Conscious Creation
42:54 Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)
49:57 Mindset of LRP
54:06 Placing your first LRP (tutorial)
58:36 Freedom List (a.k.a. Names List) [lookout for the #micdrop]
1:02:46 Freedom List prompt sheet
1:04:13 Creating room in your life for your business
1:06:33 Designing your days
1:01:11 Class Resources
1:14:05 Soul Homework


(Please speak to your US, UK, NZ leaders for outlets to purchase the following)

Books, sample bottles and other tools (Australia)
Aroma Tools
Oil Life Australia
Pack My Product
Lovely Essentials

Modern Essentials App

Prize Entry Slips

Local Empower Kit / Class in a Box - Your back office

Week 2 - Inviting & Presenting


00:02 Welcome, recap, general overview
02:43 PIPES
04:00 Summary of Week 2 content
07:30 Developing skills over time
09:42 Introducing 2x2x2+1
13:40 Busting Myths
20:38 Powerful invitations
22:35 Where are your people?
24:59 Do this before you reach out
29:23 3-Stage invitation method
39:56 Things to avoid
42:34 Coaching the host
48:26 Teaching 101
50:38 A suggested shortlist of oils to have on hand
56:12 Drawing Entry
59:18 Workshop Masterclass with Tara Bliss and Melissa Ambrosini
1:01:16 Edifying the host
1:02:39 Aromatic Dressing
1:04:48 Closing the class (and opening friendships)
1:08:05 [Demonstration] Explaining wholesale and LRP
1:13:00 Sharing the doTERRA pathways with integrity (incl. host packs)
1:18:22 Gifts for your host
1:19:25 Sharing the business opportunity
1:20:24 Reppin’ LRP
1:21:35 Summary
1:23:18 Homework

The Life Coach School Podcast: Ep #168 - Rejection
Drawing Entry Slips
Workshop Masterclass with Tara Bliss and Melissa Ambrosini  (above)
Local Empower Kit / Class in a Box - Your back office
Aromatic Dressing with Vanessa Jean
Booking Classes from Classes - Alison Bartolo

Easy Recipes for Workshop Hosts - Alison Bartolo
Host Packs
Aroma Bottles
Lovely Essentials (use code "teambliss" for 20% discount)

Check Resources (Week 1) for sample bottles.


Week 3 - Enrolling, Follow Up & Wellness Consults


Video Show Notes

00:01 Welcome
01:11 Week 3 Overview
03:28 Enrolment Culture
11:19 Why we never cross-team recruit or ‘poach’
20:28 How to Enrol
21:25 Wellness Advocate Agreement Form
21:13 [DEMO] Enrolling via Back Office
29:32 Emailing Step-by-Step Instructions
32:46 Accessing your unique doTERRA site page
34:16 Setting up the next exposure
36:32 Welcome Emails
38:13 [DEMO] Sending a doTERRA Welcome Email (canned response)
42:59 Wellness Consults
53:35 [CHEAT SHEET] Wellness Consult Questions
54:37 Final thoughts on Wellness Consults
1:00:16 The Joy & Abundance of Follow-Up
1:02:33 Assumptions you’re invited to make
1:03:06 What ‘NO’ really means
1:06:22 Successful Follow-Up (Who, When, and How)
1:10:48 Reminders on Conscious Communication
1:11:34 Quick Fire Strategy to Elite
1:13:54 Homework
1:14:30 Week 4 Overview

Week 3 Mantra: Allow it to be easy, everything can change in a month

Week 4 - Support, Leadership & Duplication


Video Show Notes

00:06 Welcome
01:22 PIPES
01:49 What to Focus on Most
05:22 Overview
06:50 Back Office Training
08:38 Graphical Tree and Detailed Genealogy
15:54 End Of Month Clawbacks
20:16 Keeping it Simple
22:47 Business owner vs. Leader
23:17 Duplication
25:14 Management vs. Leadership
28:30 Attracting Leaders [EXERCISE]
33:04 Are leaders hiding in your organisation?
36:33 Nurturing Leaders
38:13 Collaboration and Empowerment [HOT TIPS]
46:27 Celebrate and Edify
48:48 Look for Opportunities to Celebrate and Inspire
53:20 Holding Your Leaders’ Visions
54:16 Your Vibration Matters
1:00:51 Fiery, Passionate (and kinda Spiritual) Rant on Leadership
1:10:45 Questions to feel into
1:13:34 Homework
1:15:14 Gratitude and Closing


Further Training Videos


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