Welcome to Essential Collective CO!

Hello Lovely, I'm Sam Cannell...

I am so thrilled that you are here! As a Holistic Wellness Coach I am passionate about empowering families to be proactive with their wellbeing... every household should know that the toxic load and stress from our modern lifestyle can be supported naturally with essential oils.


It was my mum who first introduced me to the wonderful benefits of essential oils when I was just two years old. But it wasn’t until a few years ago when I got really serious about my health that I started to look at what I was actually putting into and onto my body. I was alarmed at the amount of toxins in my beauty and household cleaning products and just a little freaked out by the potential harm they could be doing. I immediately started to clean up my cupboards replacing the toxic products with more natural alternatives, including essential oils.

These days I use essential oils to make my own super easy and cost effective cleaning products that smell great and are safe to use. My skincare routine is now incredibly simple and my skin has never looked better, winning!

Even my Border Collie, Max, loves a drop of lavender during a thunderstorm to help calm his nerves.


I now carry my favourite oils and blends around with me everywhere I go in a handy little keychain so I’m never without them!

Because I was using these oils in every area of my home, for every member of my family, and seeing incredible results, it was an obvious step for me to incorporate essential oils into my health coaching business as well. In January 2015 I purchased my first essential oils kit and began to share these incredible gifts of the earth with my online community. And that is how Essential Collective Co was born.


We are an empowered community supporting our families health with plant based goodness (otherwise known as pure essential oils). Our community is made up of product users, enthusiastic sharers and committed business builders (like me!)... we love everyone equally and will ensure that you are fully supported on your essential oils journey.